WWW.IYF.TV It is an Asian video-flowing website with a massive number of movies, dramas, biographies, variety shows, and other videos. So, even if it is a new website, it is no lower than others in terms of the quality and quantity of its content. The website has 10,000+ movies, 10,000+ TV dramas, 1800+ variety shows, 3000+ cartoons, and also 1300+ Documentaries.

In this article, we will discuss IYF TV, a website with a massive number of movies, dramas, and documentaries from Asian countries.


  • The IYF was founded in 2014 to achieve international youth participation. They are allowing youth and encouraging their engagement among the national youth associations. Member countries must engage through the world regions, which divides into five Regional Administrations—the Americas, Africa, Asia And Pacific, Europe, the Middle East And North Africa.
  • In Europe and America, there are places where you can see Chinese, Korean, and Japanese movies and TV shows.
  • Aim to empower the youth worldwide. So, the IYF is a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network.
  • It is politically impartial and non-denominational; the current statutes and the swiss civil code are a worldwide non-profit youth administration network governed by the federation internationale de la jeunesse in English International Youth Federation [IYF].
  • Among the few websites of Asian movie websites, few of them have sufficient scope and quality. Asian movies and TV shows, especially those from China, Korea, and Japan, are famous worldwide.
  • After that, Millions of people love them because of their exclusive special effects and touching stories.
  • Most Asian movie websites on the internet hardly offer the latest dramas and movies, which is an embarrassment if you are like a new Chinese drama.
  • This article will discuss WWW.IYF.TV, a website with many films, theatres, and biographies from Asian countries.

What is IYF TV?

In this article, we will discuss IYF TV, a website with many movies, dramas, and documentaries from Asian countries. Most Asian movie websites on the internet hardly have the latest dramas and movies, which is dissatisfaction if you are like a new Chinese drama.

Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The IYF TV has two modes, free and premium; both have advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Free Mode


In reachable mode, you can watch all the movies and dramas on IYF TV free of cost. If you want to use this mode, you don’t have to register an account and provide personal or financial information. It is the nonpayment mode of the website.


Another disadvantage of accessible mode is video quality. In a free manner, you can’t download anything from the website and can only watch movies and dramas in 480P or lower quality. But the accessible way is add-support, so you have to deal with annoying ads that pop up occasionally.

  1. Premium Mode


The Premium mode of IYF TV is free of irritating ads. It allows you to watch your favourite movie in ultrahigh quality, like 2k and 4k. You can download any movie or series you want in 4k to watch offline.

Premium mode allows you to request movies, dramas, and a variety of shows not currently available on the website. So, if you like theatre or films, but it’s not available on IYFTV, you can request them in premium mode, and the website will get them for you.


To access the premium mode, you have to pay a subscription fee according to your chosen package. You have to register an account and provide your financial information. IYF TV provides the following premium packages.

  1. Gold VIP: 30-day package for 15 euros.
  2. Gold VIP: 180-day package for 69 euros.
  3. Extreme VIP: One-year package for 119 euros.

IYF Objectives

  1. To improve the status of youth and encourage cooperation between youth associations in different countries (or persons acting in place thereof).
  2. To gather information about the state of affairs and experimental conditions related to youth in different countries and to spread such information among members.
  3. To increase the knowledge and understanding of youth issues among private individuals and government bodies of importance and influence and to speak with a familiar voice in all matters relating to the abovementioned objectives.
  4. Connect government or public body, and cooperate with them or any other Institution, association, or person for any purpose causal to the attainment of the objective as mentioned earlier.
  5. To start the conditions for successful knowledge and technology transfer within particular countries and internationally via the Learning HUB, working under the direction of the IYF Office.
  6. To raise the appreciation of youth successes worldwide.
  7. To make all necessary activities to encourage and promote youth permission.

Download the Movie from WWW.IYF.TV

Downloading movies and TV shows from it so it is as easy as flowing them online.

  1. Premium Version

Check out more movies from M4uHD. Find the picture you want to download and click. So, it will start playing on a different page. Below the video player, also you’ll find a download button next to the thumbs up, share, and rate buttons. Click on it, and your download will start.

  1. Free Mode

WWW.IYF.The TV-accessible method does not allow downloading movies, shows, or anything. If you still want to download your favorited movies unreachable way, you have to do the situation by downloading software

Download and install Internet Download Manager on your computer. Allow the Internet Download Manager extra time in setting.

Now go to, find the movie you want to download and click on it. The film will start playing on an isolated page. IDM will give you a moving download option on top of the video; press it. After that, you need to set the download location and click “Start Download,” and your movie will start downloading.


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