What is a Yottabyte (YB)?

A Yottabyte (YB) is a measure of academic storage volume and data volumes equal to 2 bytes to the power of 80, or approximately one million trillion megabytes (MB). This measure is used to indicate the size of the data.

The prefix Yatabite is based on the Grecian letter iota. In unit form, a yottabyte is written as 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176.

Currently, there is nothing that can be slow on a yottabyte scale.

According to Paul McFedries’ book Word Spy, downloading a 1 YB file would take approximately 86 billion years, and the entire library of Congress would consume only ten terabytes (TB).

How big is a Yottabyte ?

A Yottabyte is the largest unit accepted as a standard size by the International System of Units (SI). A Yottabyte is approximately 1 septillion bytes, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes as integers. Storage volume is equivalent to one quadrillion gigabytes (GB), or one million trillion megabytes. By assessment, the average song file is around 10MB to 30MB.

A yottabyte is so much data that one yottabyte of storage occupies a data centre the size of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island, according to backup provider Backblaze Inc.

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Yottabyte vs Terabyte vs petabyte

While yottabyte loading is not yet in use, the demand for big data and larger capacity drives is growing yearly.

One byte is equivalent to 8 bits of data. Other examples of data growing in turn include:

  • 1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte (KB). For reference, 50KB is the size of a compressed document image.
  • 1,024 kilobytes (KB) = 1 MB. The high-resolution RAW file size from the 24-megapixel camera is approximately 50 MB.
  • 1024MB = 1GB. An average movie with 1080p quality can take up between 1.5GB and 2GB.
  • 1,024 GB = 1 TB, which is equivalent to approximately 1,613 CDs containing 650 MB of data.
  • 1024 TB = 1 petabyte (PB). It equates to about 1.5 million data CD-ROMs.
  • 1024 PB = one exabyte (EB). It was roughly the amount of digital info created on the Internet daily in 2012.
  • 1024 EB = one zettabyte (ZB), equivalent to approximately 30 billion 4K movies.
  • 1024 ZB = 1 YB. According to Backblaze, one yottabyte of storage would require a million data centres.

Manufacturers and professionals use a slightly different change method to simplify numbers. Conversions are in 1,000 steps. For example, 1000 bytes represent 1 KB; And also, 1000KB represents 1MB; 1000 MB represents 1 GB; 1000 EB represents 1 ZB, etc.

The storage market widely presents hard drives that can scale to one terabyte level. In 2015, Data Direct Systems, EMC Corp. (now Dell EMC), Fujitsu, and HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, a Spaghetti western Digital brand) released petabyte-scale storage devices ranging from 4.6 PB to 50 PB.

Yottabyte – The Largest Unit Of Quantity In Information Technology

A yottabyte is a quantity of information technology for storage capacities or data volumes. Therefore, smallest electronic storage unit is a bit. It contains binary information – 0 or 1 – and therefore means “binary digit”. The largest digital storage unit is a yottabyte – also known as a yottabyte, yobibyte, byte or yb.

What are the proportions between bit and yottabyte?

  • Eight bits – eight binary information – are one byte.
  • 1024 bytes are one kilobyte (KB, KBbyte).
  • One thousand twenty-four kilobytes are one megabyte (MB, MByte).
  • One thousand twenty-four megabytes are one gigabytes (GB, GByte).
  • 1024 gigabytes are one Terabyte (TB, TByte).
  • 1024 terabytes are one petabyte (PB, PByte).

For simplicity’s sake, manufacturers and professional articles use conversion steps of 1,000 so that 1,000 bytes represent one kilobyte, and 1,000 kilobytes represent one megabyte. For a yottabyte, this would result in a deviation of more than 20%:

  • 1 yb = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes = 1024 bytes (with rounding)
  • 1 yb = 1 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 bytes = 280 bytes = 10248 bytes

The Long Road To The Yottabyte

Commercial hard disks in laptops and desktop computers are now in the terabyte range. The monthly data volume for mobile phone contracts is often in the single-digit gigabyte range. In 2000, total Internet traffic was around 2.4 petabytes; in 2018, the monthly book was an estimated 97,500 petabytes per month. Videos are responsible for most Internet traffic, so it is assumed that the streaming platform Netflix alone is responsible for approx. And also, 15% of all Internet traffic. And also, It is estimated that the worldwide data volume on the Internet will amount to approximately 192,000 petabytes per month.

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