If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant a big congratulations is in order. It’s an exciting time in anyone’s life to begin planning a family and then trying to actually take the steps to start one. Being a parent is no walk-in-the park, which is ironic because you’ll probably end up going on a plethora of walks through parks. However, all that work and responsibility is well worth those fulfilling moments of gratifying parenthood. Push the brakes though, there’s a lot of time between now and then, and a lot to do.

Before you get lost in the daydreams of teaching your little one how to walk and talk, and seeing them eventually walk that walk down a ceremony stage for graduation, you first have to give birth. And before you can even do that, you have to get pregnant.

This is all part of the process, and you shouldn’t feel rushed. After all, you and your partner should enjoy the child-conception-process – it’s fun to make love, and that’s what this is all about!

1. Ditch the Pill or Other Contraceptives

To get things started, you’re no longer going to need to take your birth-control pill or rely on other contraceptives when you and your partner are getting ready to be intimate with one another. This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s an important one.

Throw his condoms away, ditch your birth control pill (or other birth control contraceptive) and get ready to go all-natural. Not only will this likely feel quite a bit better for both of you if you’re used to using condoms or other separative contraceptive, but this can also feel like an extremely intimate and bonding moment, which increases the likelihood of conceiving.

The reason getting rid of any and all contraceptives in the bedroom is such a critical step in getting pregnant should be pretty obvious, but this is because all these modern tools are literally designed to prevent pregnancy.

Therefore, if you and your partner are actively trying to have a child together, they really serve you no purpose whatsoever.

2. Get Busy Getting Busy

After you’ve gotten rid of the contraceptives that you’re used to using, it’s time to get busy getting busy. There’s no point in waiting, and if you’re excited to start your family, you should express that excitement physically with one another. There are a few myths floating around the internet that it might take the female body a bit of time to adjust and come off the birth control or contraceptive they were using previously. However, most doctors suggest this timeframe is only 3-weeks at maximum, and is almost non-existent for many women. With that said, there’s no point in wasting time after getting off the pill.

In other words, once you’re off the pill, feel free to get on his lap! Or on your back, if that’s what you prefer. While there is some evidence that missionary position is the easiest way to promote pregnancy, the position really doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasurable for everyone involved. Oh, and as long as the session finishes with internal ejaculation so the woman can get pregnant.

3. Track Ovulation

If you’ve been trying for a few months and you still haven’t gotten pregnant, you may want to start tracking your body’s ovulation cycle. By tracking your ovulation schedule, you’ll have a better idea of when the ideal time to have sex with your partner is. This is because women are much more likely to get pregnant while they’re ovulating.

For couples who are trying to get pregnant, the ovulation window is the optimal performance window as well.

4. Get Your Partner Tested

There are other things a couple trying to get pregnant can do, too. For instance, if you’re very serious about planning a family, and you’re trying to get pregnant by the way of your male partner, you may want to have your male partner tested.

Specifically, you’re going to want to have his semen tested for concentration. The more concentrated his sperm is, the better it will be at fertilizing an egg.

Though this brings up another myth worth squashing which is that couples have to wait between sex-sessions for the male partner to rebuild a voluminous supply. However, the volume of seminal fluid is much less important in the impregnation process than the concentration.

That being said, everyone has a sexual stamina that should also be considerd.

5. Stick to a Generally Healthy Lifestyle

Another way to help your body get pregnant is by maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle in general. Eat well and prioritize nutrition, exercise regularly, and even take a vegan prenatal vitamin to help start preparing your body for conception and the pregnancy journey itself.

If you and your partner are actively trying to start a family together, look no further than the advice above, and let the intimate fun begin!