Jesse Stone In Order – Here, you can see the highly talented actor Jesse Stone performing, no matter how you choose to watch his movies. Jesse Stone played the character of Robert B. Parker, the famous creator. He played the role of detective and criminal mystery in the series. It was adapted as the first motion picture in 2005, as he passed away in 2010. After his death, the writers continued their work on the new series, which is still ongoing.

Representing the Seasons

There are eight seasons in this movie.

Keep in mind that the sole difference between watching in chronological order and by release date is that the second film in the series to be released, Night Passage, actually takes place in the timeline before the first film in the series to be released, Stone Cold. So, it’s up to the viewer how they prefer to watch those two films. Once that decision has been made, the remainder of the watch-through should go without a hitch.

Season 1: Jesse Stone (Stone Cold) 2005

Jesse Stone played “Tom Selleck” as a criminal investigator, the main character, who worked for LAPD’s robbery-home video division. He was forced to leave the department for issues like divorce and drinking coming to public knowledge.

He was granted an opportunity to become a chief of police in the Massachusetts town of Paradise.

The novel’s storylines demonstrate how Jesse Stone maintains his substance abuse, lives in a tiny community, and investigates homicides in 2005.

Season 2: Jesse Stone (night passage)2006

In the second season, Jesse Stone leaves the job in the LAPD he is being offered as a chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts.

No one was left except Jesse and his dog (boomer), who were loyal to him. Conversely, he talks to his ex-wife regularly about his health and visits a psychiatrist named Dr. Dixit. Meanwhile, while he was busy with his newly murdered case, a teen girl who died of domestic violence was found floating in a lake.

Season 3: jesse Stone (sea change)2007

While Jesse is in a coma in the film, leaving the police force, he finds himself alone. After some time, he overcame the situation in the last few years. He was very slow at work when he seemed to be drinking and hanging out. In this season, he found a teenager who an older man brutally raped, and on the other side, he was solving the cold case of a dead bank teller and missing money by which he was on the mob of the map.

Season 4: Jesse stone(Thin ice) 2009

Jessica’s friend, Captain Healy, was killed in a shooting this season. He decided to solve the case and wanted to know who was behind it. Jesse always ignores the town counselor, who wants him to pump the breaks and focus on solving other crimes. In the following case, Jesse found a deceased baby who was not dead and was located at the end of the tunnel, which was an impossible task for him.

Season 5: Jesse Stone (No Remorse)2010

Jesse received his last movie very well, mostly drinking the previous days. He solved the problems and made waves. After some time, he realizes the bond with Riggie. This relationship has lasted for the last five years, resulting in “Owner and dog grew closer.”

Season 6: Jesse Stone(Innocent Loss)2011

When Jesse was hired as a chief of police by nepotism, on the other side, he managed to keep himself busy as an Investigator. At the same time, his colleagues were busy to brash a new chief and got arrestee when he unexpectedly re-enters his life.

Season 7: Jesse Stone(Benefits of the Doubt)2012

After a couple of movies of Jesse being a free agent, for the most part, he puts him back in the Chief’s chair. Technically, it’s temporary so he can help solve the murders of the previous Chief and Deputy D’Angelo, but working cases is where Stone thrives, and he’s resolve this is no temp job. Luther and Rose aren’t very involve in the proceedings since they decide to find other employment rather than work under Stone’s replacement.

Season 8: Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

After a few years, Jesse got his job as a chief, but Jesse and Luther are still struggling to solve the crime.

Jesse’s long-time companion has passed away, leaving Jesse in his hand. Despite losing Reggie, Jessie finds another way in need of a home because it would be fitting to end things.

For fans looking to follow a more accurate franchise timeline, here are the Jesse Stone movies in order of chronology:

  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage.
  • Stone Cold.
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise.
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change.
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice.
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse.
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost.
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt.


What Is The Jesse Stone Movie Series About?

The Jesse Stone movie series is based on the character Jesse Stone, a former homicide officer who becomes the police chief of a small New England town called Paradise. The series follows Stone as he investigates crimes and deals with personal struggles, such as alcoholism and failed relationships.

Are Jesse Stone Movies Based On Books?

Yes, the Jesse Stone movies are based on a series of novels by Robert B. Parker.

Where Can I Watch Jesse Stone Movies?

Jesse Stone’s movies are available to stream on several platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. They are also available on DVD and Blu-ray.