The Nutrition For Beautiful & Healthy Hair is exposed to many environmental influences every day. UV light, humidity, heat, and frequent styling can take their toll. It is all the more significant to the hair is resistant and strong. Diet plays an essential role in this. Because only with the proper nutrients can our hair grow vigorously and vitally.

How Diet Affects Hair Health

A healthy and fair diet has a positive effect on our well-being and the vitality of our hair. Eating one-sidedly or unhealthily can cause a nutrient deficiency and rob the hair of its resilience.

Our hair loses vitality if it is not adequately supplied with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy growth. Then the hair becomes weak, brittle, and fragile. In the worst case, it can even fail.

However, the good news is that hair structure disfigured proper diet in most cases. So if we regularly supply our body with the proper nutrients, whole and strong hair will come naturally.

In addition to nutrition, proper care also affects the health of our hair. It would help if you used nourishing shampoos and decadent hair treatments for beautiful and healthy hair. These strengthen the hair and make it more resistant to environmental influences such as UV light or heat.

Pair Vitamin C

The essential nutrients for healthy hair

Our hair needs certain nutrients so that it can grow healthy and strong. You can cover the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids with a few foods.

Vitamin A {Retinol}

If you long for solid and supple hair, you should ensure that you get enough vitamin A. This vitamin strengthens the hair from within and stimulates hair growth. For example, retinol contains eggs and precursor ß-carotene in some fruit and vegetables, such as carrots or apricots.

Vitamin B7 {Biotin}

Strengthens the hair roots and, at the same time, provides a vital scalp. B7, also called biotin, ensures robust, long-lasting, and shiny hair. Biotin is mostly in nuts, oilseeds, and whole-grain products.

Vitamin C

An all-rounder among the hair vitamins is vitamin C. Among other things, it supports the hair roots and thus ensures healthy hair growth. If you want to get a lot of vitamin C, you should use peppers, broccoli, and citrus fruits. In addition, the acerola cherry and sea buckthorn berries are real vitamin C bombs.


Iron has many functions in the body. At the top are the oxygen transport in the blood and the energy supply of the cells. It is precisely these functions that are important for healthy hair growth. To provide enough iron, you should eat many green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale and berries such as currants or goji berries. You can use it to summon up delicious smoothies!


The mineral zinc also affects hair growth. It activates various enzymes and thus strengthens hair, skin, and nails. Nuts, oilseeds, eggs, and shrimp contain zinc.

Omega 3

If you wish for smooth and shiny hair, you should watch your omega-three levels. This fatty acid is found primarily in salmon, tuna, and mackerel, but various nuts, seeds, and oilseeds are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The ten best foods for healthy hair

Some foods have a positive effect on hair health and hair growth. They strengthen our hair, give it shine and make it resistant to external influences.

The following foods have a perfect effect on our hair health:

  1. Nuts strengthen the hair from within
  2. Oatmeal adds shine to hair
  3. Pumpkin seeds strengthen the immune system and prevent hair loss
  4. Coconut oil cares for split ends and provides moisture
  5. Avocados ensure well-nourished and shiny hair
  6. Green vegetables strengthen hair
  7. Orange fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A, which helps with dry hair and hair loss
  8. Vitamin-rich berries support hair growth
  9. Sea creatures and fish strengthen hair and scalp
  10. Eggs ensure complete and robust hair

Better to Avoid These Foods

In addition to the many superfoods for solid hair, there are also a few foods that you should avoid. These can – especially in larger quantities – harm your hair health.

Fatty meat and fatty sausages can increase the risk of hair loss; products made from wheat flour can negatively affect hair growth. We also advise against excessive sugar and milk consumption. This can lead to stringy and brittle hair.

Of course, you don’t have to give up sugar or sausage completely for beautiful, strong hair. Even the occasional sacrifice can make a difference. However, as always, the dose makes the poison.

If you desire to be on the safe side, you can also produce your food. This way, you can choose the ingredients of your products yourself and avoid certain elements more easily. A homemade whole meal bread, for example, tastes particularly delicious.


Our diet affects the health of our body and, in particular, that of our hair. A lack of nutrients can lead to weak, brittle, and dull hair. With the aim of is why a balanced diet is so central. Because with the right vitamins and minerals, hair becomes strong, supple, and shiny.