Physical Fitness

The Physical Fitness is a concept with various uses. We are interested in its meaning, which links to the human or the stiff. The term aptitude, which comes starting the Latin word aptitude, refers to the aptitude or competence to carry out a task or carry out an activity.

The idea of ​​physical fitness is connected to the organic capacity of a person to efficiently carry out an activity that involves the use of the body.

Those who have good physical fitness manage to perform exercises for an extended period without experiencing symptoms of fatigue and then work to recover in a short period.

Physical fitness is also related to healthy organ function. A person with an organic absence may not have the physical fitness to perform certain activities.

What is Physical Strength?

However physical strength refers to the ability of someone to perform some physical activity. It is about the natural condition human beings contain to do any action. Physical fitness is instead that a person develops over time. Any quality can improve through performance and attempt. Each person has a different human quality for what they do best; however, whatever that quality is, one must have good physical fitness, which, among other components, consists of aerobic capacity and flexibility.

The Importance of Physical Fitness

necessary to have a primary physical aptitude for developing non-competitive movements, such as walking or jogging. For specialized sports, on the other hand, the athlete must have optimal physical fitness since his body is subject to great attempt.

It is possible to improve physical fitness through training. By on the rise qualities such as muscle strength and elongation, aerobic capacity, and joint mobility, the individual improves their physical fitness and thus achieves higher performance.


It has to take into a version that knows the physical ability of each one and improves it. Performing exercises without control is risky for health. It is necessary to consult a doctor and a physical trainer.

In specific fields, where a particular well-defined type of physical aptitude is required, it is necessary to evaluate. Data such as the risk of disease and potential contraindications for performing the exercises usually take the important to note that the person must obtain signed consent before being tested.

Through the results of a physical fitness assessment, it is also possible to identify the weaknesses of the individual and, based on these data, establish a series of objectives to combat them.

For this, it is necessary to carry out specific tests that yield well-defined values, which must repeat throughout the improvement process to compare each session’s performance with the initial one.

Components of Physical Fitness

It is possible to measure maximal oxygen consumption, or the rate at which the forces use it. And to assess cardiorespiratory endurance. One of the practice tests to determine this value called creeping stress. It is about the ability of the circulatory system and the lungs to provide the muscles that we are exercising with the oxygen and nutrients they need effectively.

  • Musculoskeletal Fitness

The muscular and skeletal systems can perform work. The three fundamental points of this element of physical fitness are bone strength, muscular strength, and strength.

  • Weight and Body Composition

However these two properties of the organism  intimately linked: while weight tells us about the mass or size of the body, composition relates  to absolute and relative amounts of fatty tissue, bone, and muscle. To adjust them, resistance training and aerobic exercise recommend.

  • Flexibility

It is the ability to perform fluid articulatory movements in the possible range. Some limiting factors are the size and force of specific connective tissues, such as ligaments and muscles, and bone structure.

  • Aerobic Capacity

It activities do not require a great physical effort. Aerobic capacity is the capacity of body to do long-term physical activities In addition to being of low or high intensity with an estimated time of three to four minutes. Aerobic activities do not require a tremendous physical effort; the most important thing is the duration of each of them. This type of training is mainly responsible for eliminating accumulated fat from the body immediately; someone who exercises in this way will notice how the circumferences of his body, especially the abdomen reduce.