Thailand’s Unique Gambling Games has been in Thailand for decades, be they local lotteries or more unusual variations. Today, online casinos in Thailand allow Thai players to access global games popular all over the world, including slots with a varied number of paylines and table games. But those interested in the history and searching for something more different can find out more about Thai’s unique gambling entertainment like Muay Thai. Cockfighting, and other unusual variations of games to play and bet on!

Muay Thai Betting

They say that Muay Thai originated from Bokator or even earlier sports fighting systems. Also known as Thai boxing, this combat sport is based on fighting rules where participants can use fists, elbows, knees, and shins, which makes this sport more thrilling and free when it comes to the range of allowed actions and tricks. Today, the sport is popular in different countries, and teams from all over the globe participate in Muay Thai events, gaining points according to the game rules. For example, 1 point for the fist blow or low kick. A player at casinos online in Thailand can bet either on the match outcome or on the details, such as the round time, the game completion that determines the way the round will be over, and more.


For over 6,000 years, cockfighting has been a part of the world’s oldest sports. This event is staged within an arena known as the cockpit, where two cocks are placed. And spectators make bets on whom they think will come out victorious. The round is over when one of the animals is critically injured and can’t continue fighting. In some variations, the owners can use additional equipment like metal spurs. Also known as gaffs. Please note that today, blood sports are prohibited in nearly all countries. Including Thailand, so it’s not an option for online gambling.

Other Unique Thai Gambling Games

Local Siamese people who inhabit Thailand used to bet on 100+ gambling variations, including blood sports like bullfighting and boat races. In the 19th century, the gambling industry in Thailand rose and the locals got familiar with the Huay lottery from China. Plus, there are more common gambling variations:

  • government lotteries that took part in the reign of King Rama VI;
  • traditional sports like horse racing and football;
  • online gambling with slots and table games on offer.

The country was home to land-based casinos, but they were closed in 1930 due to The Gambling Act.

The Future of Gambling in Thailand

During the time of King Rama III. Thailand experienced a gambling boom due to its legalization and promotion by local governments to generate income. However, this changed in 1930 when The Gambling Act was signed which prohibited most forms of gambling . (though there were some exceptions). Nowadays, while casino games are still illegal within the country’s borders. Players can utilize offshore online sites to access these services. An industry that is expected to grow thanks to plenty of casinos created with Thai gamblers in mind.