Any field of activity is accompanied by risk. To minimize financial losses, entrepreneurs use different methods. One of them is the waiver of liability. It is a special document or an additional clause in the contract, which is signed by both parties to the transaction (the service provider and the client). In this case, the organizer disclaims absolutely any responsibility for what may happen to the customers. The latter, for their part, are liable for the actions and bear all the risks themselves.

Paper versions of the document can be used for signing. However, in any case, the text must be typed on the computer, printed out, and coordinated with the legal and other departments. If the need arises, it will be required to make changes and repeat all the steps again. To avoid such a waste of time, you can use online waiver software. The software is designed to automate business processes and speed up the signing of documents.

Waiver Software: Areas of Application

The use of a free online waiver is possible in any field of activity. However, the software is especially relevant for those segments where the risk of injury to the client is high, including the following:

  • riding horses, bicycles, and scooters;
  • flying in a hot-air balloon;
  • extreme sports;
  • organizing tours in different countries.

Waiver software is equally important for health services, catering, and physical culture. This was manifested to a greater extent during the coronavirus pandemic. The fact is that potential customers of restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, and other establishments were at risk of contracting COVID-19 while staying in public facilities. No owner of an establishment could guarantee that a visitor would stay healthy. And that was with full observance of sanitary and hygienic requirements. In other words, a visitor went for a workout, an evening meal, or a beauty treatment entirely at his or her own risk.

Many clients understood and assumed the responsibility that was imposed on them. However, this did not eliminate the possibility that those who became ill could sue the business owner for financial reimbursement of their treatment costs. A paper document or digital liability waiver was used to prevent such actions on the part of customers.

Waiver of Liability and Accidents: Who is to Be Blamed?

When an entrepreneur signs a waiver of liability, it does not exempt her or him from following basic safety rules. If scooter riding services are provided, it is necessary to conduct a technical inspection and obtain a permit to use the vehicle. In addition, regular maintenance of the scooter is required, which will increase its lifespan and reduce the risk of breakage during activities.

The service provider may be directly involved in the accident. However, there are other options when nothing depends on the business owner. From a practical point of view, there are several options:

  • The natural risk that accompanies a particular activity. For example, when climbing a mountain, a client can stumble and dislocate a leg;
  • The carelessness of the service provider, the provider’s mistakes, and miscalculations (we are also talking about the mistakes of the whole team). For example, there may be a situation when before the boat ride, the fuel level in the tank was not checked and the client was waiting for help in the middle of the river or lake for a long time;
  • Gross negligence. We are referring to situations where serious misconduct has been committed. If we consider medical practice, an example would be leaving foreign objects in the patient’s body (bandages, etc.);
  • Intentional actions. Such an option has the corpus delicti of a crime, and therefore in many states, an investigation is launched in accordance with the adopted rules. The waiver of liability is not taken into account.

Being aware of what exactly could lead to an accident will mitigate the risks to the maximum extent possible. This is the only way business owners will be exempt from liability when their actions are inspected. If, however, one is negligent and relies only on a signed document, then such activity will quickly lead to insolvency.

Pandadoc: Best Waiver Tool for Business Owners

Pandadoc is a modern waiver tool that is actively used in the business environment. It stands out from its counterparts because it is distributed free of charge. This software product works on different devices, so you can run it both on a desktop computer and on smartphones or tablets. In the latter case, you will be able to sign the document at any convenient location, which increases mobility and enables you to quickly respond to the situation.

Pandadoc is the best option for small companies as well as large concerns. The application can be integrated into corporate software, which provides maximum convenience and eliminates the cost of purchasing a new software product. When working with Pandadoc, all documents can be coordinated, approved, and signed remotely, and once the documents have been prepared and signed, they can be sent to the counterparty.