If you decide to deal with any cryptocurrency, buying or selling for example ethreum to euro, mining, or working with a faucet, you will need a wallet to receive or send electronic currency. There are many offers of all types of digital wallets on the market.

How to choose a wallet for USDT

Tether is one of the most famous stablecoins today. Using it is pretty simple; it is tied to the US dollar.

All cryptocurrency wallets can be divided into two principal groups:

  • Cold wallets. These are wallets that do not require an Internet connection. These are hardware devices for storing Tether and other cryptocurrencies that look like regular flash drive.
  • Hot wallets. These wallets are a special program – an application or services with which you can perform various operations with cryptocurrencies, but only if you have the Internet.

In turn, “hot” cryptocurrency wallets are divided into:

  • mobile applications;
  • online services;
  • desktop applications;
  • paper wallets;
  • browser applications.

If “cold” wallets for cryptocurrencies need to be bought, then you do not need to pay for the use of “hot” wallets.

“Hot” wallets, no matter what cryptocurrency – bitcoin, ether, Tether – you use, have easy and convenient access and practicality in everyday use. The price for this is a high probability that fraudsters can take over your funds – these can be both cyber attacks and all kinds of social engineering methods.

A cold wallet is not connected to the Internet, so hackers can’t hack it. Such a wallet is more convenient for storing USDT and not for frequent operations with cryptocurrencies.

So, if you need a USDT wallet for long-term storage, you need to opt for one of their “cold” wallets. If you are an active crypto user, then for everyday use – buying, selling, or exchanging USDT – you should use one of the types of “hot” wallets.

Most Popular Tether Wallets

Let’s look at the most popular, convenient, and practical wallets for Tether (USDT), according to crypto community users.

  • Ledger is a cold wallet for USDT

Ledger is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It looks like a regular USB flash drive, so it is very convenient to store it. Ledger is designed to hold not only Tether but also most other popular cryptocurrencies.

Ledger has all the necessary security features, connects to a PC via a USB port, and works on all operating systems.

  • Tether Wallet – mobile wallet from USDT developers

Tether Wallet is the official cryptocurrency wallet created by the developers of the Tether cryptocurrency itself. You must register an account on the official Tether website to use it.

The wallet is “hot” and is a mobile application for devices on Android and iOS operating systems

  • Exodus Wallet – desktop wallet for Tether

Exodus is the most popular desktop wallet for USDT. The Exodus Wallet application is installed on a PC with any operating system and, unlike other similar applications, does not require downloading the entire blockchain to your computer.

The high degree of protection of Exodus Wallet is evidenced by the fact that throughout its existence, it has never been hacked by hackers.