Free Video Calling Apps – With large numbers of people now working from home and spending more time at home, there’s never been more claim for video calling apps to keep us all connected.

However, even though a solid video app is fast becoming a modern necessity, there are tons out there vying for your attention. Some of these have become household names in recent years, but there are plenty of examples of apps that offer instant messaging and video chat, among other features.

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In this guide, we’ll give you a fast rundown of what each one does and doesn’t offer and help you find the best free video calling app for your needs.

All the apps on this list are available on multiple platforms, except for Apple’s FaceTime; this to Apple devices.

The best video calling apps you can download

The best for Facebook devotees

Facebook has streamlined messenger for several years, separate from the main Facebook app. As a result, many people and businesses use messenger to communicate, and you can even use it without a Facebook account. Messenger is also set to support Instagram messages, too, coming soon.

You can video or voice chat quickly with one person or a group. Do you need to know how to use it for video calls? Take a look: How to make video calls on Facebook Messenger

Messenger has also recently announced Messenger Rooms, a way to join group video calls with up to 50 people; yes, it’s like Zoom or Skype.


Best for large group/workplace video conferencing

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing amenity that you can use to meet with others virtually, either by video or audio-only or both, all while chatting live, and it allows you to record those sessions to view later.

A Zoom meeting is a video conference meeting over Zoom, while a Zoom Room is a physical hardware that companies can install in meeting rooms.

One of the best features is the Galleria view, so you can have everyone on the screen simultaneously, even if you have dozens of contestants.

If you hunger to know if you’re in good business when you use Zoom, you are: More than half of Fortune 500 companies used Zoom in 2019, and in 2021, it hit a whopping 300 million daily meeting participants.



Best for small collection calls – up to eight people

Facebook-owned WhatsApp may be seconds only to Messenger in North America, but globally, it’s at the top. It has over two billion users universal, which is quite an incredible reach for an app that started as a paid premium offering.

The strength of WhatsApp and having mountains of users already integrated is that it is easy to make new group chats and search for messages in the past. You can also see when emails are received and read, and it’s excellent with media.

It can use for video calls and voice calls. You can start a call with one person and easily add other participants. The Group video call limit is now eight.

Face Time

Best for Apple to Apple calls

We don’t know how many users FaceTime video has, but it’s enormous among Apple users, and you can easily switch between video and voice.

Of course, being Apple-only is a downside that share by any of the other apps here, but it’s available on both iOS and macOS.

In addition to individual calls, you can now easily make a Group FaceTime call; if everyone you’re talking to is on an Apple device, it’s straightforward to solve.