Snapchat Streak

One of the most coveted social media benefits, especially for young adults, is Snapchat Streak. A streak is when you trade Snaps with a friend for several days. The longer you do this with a buddy without interruption, the longer your Snapchat streak will be.

The only thing to keep in brain when trying to have a streak is to trade Snaps every 24 hours with a friend. So chats and Snaps sent from Memories or Snapchat Spectacles, or video calls do not count.

The longest Streaks

There have been numerous instances where friends have been Snapping back and onward for a year. But the longest recorded Snapchat streak lasted 909 days, almost two and a half years!

What Happens if you Lose a Snapchat Streak ?

The best part about these streaks is that they are not exclusive. You can have as many lines with as many friends as you want, but you better not forget to snap a friend someday and damage the Streak!

Snapchat does its best to remind you about a streak by displaying an hourglass emoji next to the streak number, but people can still forget!

Or maybe you’ve run into a connectivity issue, and that massive 404-day Streak you had with your best friend is gone!

There have been other reports where Snapchat users have to complain that they lost their Streak by a friend through no fault of their own. They sent the Snaps, they conventional them, they continued to do so every day for several days, and yet, without warning, the Streak suddenly disappeared one beautiful dawn!

But don’t worry, all expect is not lost. There’s a chance you could catch up on a losing streak with some help from Snapchat. This article will tell you how you could get back a lost Snapchat streak.

Snapchat Streak has you Covered

Snapchat and all social networks encourage users to interact with the medium. The platform often has a reward system, but if there’s one social media platform that has understood the value of the reward system better than anyone else, it has to be Snapchat.

Encourage user engagement and value the time users spend on the platform. So it’s doubtful that you want to disappoint users by arbitrarily removing someone  Streak.

To this end, Snapchat makes sure that if you lose your Streak through no fault of your own, it gets reset. But you’ll have to let him acquaint with.

It can be from side to side an email, but the best method to submit an ask is the official hold-up page from first to last.

Step One

Go to the Snapchat website and scroll down to the bottom of the web page. Click hold up.

Second Step

The support sheet will now load, and you should connect. Contact us.

Step Three

Under the Contact us board, Snapchat will ask how they can help. There is a part for users who have lost their Snapchat Streaks. Click on My Snap Streaks, which have disappeared. Then scroll down and click yes next to Still need help.

Step Four

You can now file a claim, which you can do by entering your username, email, mobile number, device, a friend’s username, and a few other things. It will also require to provide details such as when the Streak started, how long it lasted, if you saw the hourglass, etc.

You will also see one more box asking you to enter additional information. For example, you can mention the likely reason why you lost Snapchat Streak, such as network issues. Keep in mind Snapchat must realize that it was an issue with the app, not its forgetfulness, that led to Streak’s demise.

Most of the time, Snapchat will contact you and let you know if it can restore your Streak or not.

Could you not Make it a Custom?

But remember, don’t make it a custom to lose your Snapchat Streaks and then contact Snapchat about the issues. Snapchat searches your history to see if your problem is genuine or not. Snapchat will most likely not respond to your requests with affirmative news if you do this regularly without substantial proof.

Have Fun with Snapchat Stripes!

Here’s how to get your lost streaks back. Ultimately, no matter what you do, the decision to restore streaks rests with Snapchat. There is no doubt that if your problem is genuine, Snapchat will restore your losing Streak. However, if Snapchat feels that the Streak is due to an app bug, it probably won’t get your Streak back.

Snapchat Streak

In the meantime, have fun with Snapchat Streaking, and if you have any issues getting your lost Streaks back, please get in touch with Snapchat support.

What is your longest Streak? Have you ever lost one? Did you manage to recover it? Let us know in the comments section.

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