Kendall Jenner Reddit was named the world’s highest-paid model by Forbes. Kendall Jenner has a lot of links to famous celebrities. Actors models. Musicians. To many high profiles over the years and has managed to most of her romances private.

Keeping up with the Kardashians stars dating history is made of high profile person. From singers, Harry styles and basketball stars Ben Simmons. If anyone has ever done Kendall Jenner, relationships are known for being messy short, and super dramatic because they always seem to end in one type of disaster or another, and nick Jonas. Devin booker.

So what’s happening with you and Devin booker? He’s my boyfriend. You’re together, yeah, not anymore. Kendall Jenner and be star Devin booker called it quits after two years of dating. Just a month ago, rumours were circulating that engagement was on the horizon so what happened was Kendall the one who pulled the plug on the relationships or was Devin not ready to settle down well there are a lot of theories floating around on social media, and many fans convinced that Kendall’s mom kris Jenner may have played a role in their breakup but let’s start from the beginning Kendall and Devon were first spotted together in public in May 2018 Kendall Jenner Reddit

Does Kendall Jenner Have A Lover?

Does Kendall Jenner Have A Lover_

March 2022: Devin Booker discusses public life with his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, in an interview. In an interview with The Wall Street Paper, Booker was ask if his life in the spotlight as a player and as Jenner’s boyfriend was difficult. I wouldn’t say difficult, replied the NBA star. Kendall Jenner has been linked to many celebrated musical groups and players over the years and has kept most of her romances private. From singers Harry Styles and Nick Jonas to basketball stars Ben Simmons and Devin Booker, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s dating history is full of high-profile men.

Kendall and her boyfriend of two years, Devin Booker, split for good in November 2022, following a short-lived breakup in July 2022.

Before Jenner wanted to discrete space and time, a source told E! News, adding that they “have been in touch ever since and care about each other.

They were later spotted together at a friend’s wedding, and Kendall even sent an Instagram story of her and Booker together, indicating that the couple got back together.

Is Kendall Jenner Still Shy?

Is Kendall Jenner Still Shy_

Kendall jenner silent and fearful one in her famous family  Kendall Jenner does not speak openly about her personal life. But, she recently got honest about suffering from anxiety in a new interview.

Even though looking on Fashion’s “Open Minded” series, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up about suffering from anxiety, Kendall Jenner regularly strips down for Calvin Klein ads, magazine covers and photo shoots – but the supermodel actually describes herself as “more quiet.

How Is Kendall Jenner The Highest-Paid Model?

How Is Kendall Jenner The Highest-Paid Model_

Kendall Jenner, $40 million. Being a model has become one of the most sought-out jobs in the fashion industry, and we can see why. With fashion model like Gisele and Kendall raking in millions of dollars every year, runway models have evolved into some of the top earners in Fashion.

In 2022, Kendall Jenner stated, once again, the highest-paid model, along with some of the biggest names in Fashion, including Liu Wen, Cara Delevingne and more.

Here is the complete list of models joining Kendall as the highest-paid model in the world.

Kendall Jenner Net Worth –  Reddit

2011 – $4 million

2012 – $9 million

2013 – $15 million

2014 – $22 million

2015 – $29 million

2016 – $30 million

2017 – $31 million

2018 – $32 million

Her net worth for 2019 is $36.6 million!

Comments on Kendall Jenner Reddit

Comments on Kendall Jenner Reddit

Kendall, who was also previously linked. Blake Griffon tweeted they act like I’m not in full control of where I throw this coop, and while Kendall kept quiet on her relationship stately with Devin in Devin in June 2020, a source close to Kendall told us weekly that the pair hooking up. Still, they’re not serious; she’s talking to a couple different guys. She has so many after her.

It’s crazy the source said in August 2020, Kendall and Devin were spotter together several times. However, insiders still insisted there was nothing serious going on. One source told us weekly at the time that Kendall and Devin were seeing each other but aren’t serious and just having fun with each other it’s easy because they get along well. He also gets along great with her. Finally, the source added. Then in November 2020, Kendall posted her first photo of her and Devin on her Instagram taken at her 25th birthday party but kept quiet on their official status.


Kendall Jenner was named the world’s highest paid model by Forbes. Kendall Jenner has a lot of linked to famous celebrities. Actors models. Musicians. To many high profile over the years and has manage to most of her romances private. While neither Kendall nor Devin were ready to talk about their romance in public in January 2021.

Devin seemingly confirm they were still going strong by reposting Kendall steamy bikini photos on her Instagram stories with a comment finally in February 2021 Kendall made the relationships Instagram. By sharing a photo of her and Devin cuddling on their kitchen counter top the following month a source close to Kendall told us weekly that Kendall and Devin were definitely an item and care about one another immensely however the insider also add that Kendall was in no rush to settle down it’s not like they well be getting engaged any time soon the source said Kendall.