How To Learn Online Coding Courses: The first step is choosing a programming language, which is not easy. There are a lot of popular programming languages ​​like Java, C++, C#, Python, Swift, JavaScript, and PHP used by millions of programmers.

I have personally found Game Development to be the best way to learn to code, which is why I have chosen more than one course that teaches Coding and programming using games. It is a proven strategy, and even big websites like teach kids to code by developing games like Minecraft.

I’ve included web development and app development courses, two other exciting fields for programmers and freelancers who don’t like games.

Although I have four options for beginners, Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript, you can choose the one that suits you best. Being a Java developer, I’m biased towards Java, but Python is also a great programming language and just as easy to learn.

Coding Courses to Learn Programming for Beginners

  • Complete Python Boot Camp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3

Python’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. It has become the number one programming language for people who want to learn code, become data scientists, learn web development, or automate the tedious stuff.

There is no doubt that Python is the number one programming language, it is easy to learn, and you can do pretty much anything with this programming language. It has some of the best collections of APIs and libraries to do even the most difficult tasks in just a couple of lines.

If you want to learn Python, this is almost certainly the best course you can join. It will educate you on Python in a Bootcamp style, which is a great way to learn to code.

  • The Complete Java Masterclass

If, for some basics, you don’t like the Python programming language or want to learn Java along with how to code, this is the perfect lesson for you.

Java is one of the most modern programming languages ​​of the last 20 years and develops mission-critical applications. It is also present everywhere; you will find Java on smartphones to create Android applications using Java.

It is also widely used for writing server-side applications, such as the portals you use in your daily life’s

Java is an excellent choice for learning to code and as a programming language to get a job; if you are not convinced, you can check this comparison between Python and Java. This Online Coding Courses will educate you on everything you need to code using the Java programming language.

  • The Bootcamp for Web Developers

Every website provides the information you need on-demand, and in today’s world, every business needs your website. This trend has boosted the web developer market, and more and more people want to become web developers or Fullstack developers.

The growth of languages ​​like JavaScript and frameworks like Angular, React, and Node JS has made web development much easier and more potent than ever earlier.

So, if you want to study JavaScript as a programming language for Coding, which is the right choice, and you want to learn Web Development, then there is no better course than The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

It covers much more than Coding and web development. You will learn all the valuable technologies needed to create and maintain your websites in boot camp style.

This course will give you all the knowledge you get at a Bootcamp by spending $8000 – $10000 at just a fraction of that price, like $15 tops.

Language of social verification, this Online Coding Courses has, on average, 4.6 ratings from close to 410,000 students. Which is just mind-boggling. Also, if you are interested, following the 2020 Web Developer RoadMap is an excellent guide to becoming a modern web developer in today’s world.

  • IOS 13 and Swift 5: IOS App Development Bootcamp

Another area that has attracted many people to Coding is a mobile app or device development. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have made today’s phone much more authoritative than yesterday’s computers with laptops.

I still remember being operational on a 500MB laptop, which was great 10 or 15 years ago, but today’s phone has a lot more computing power than that. Both Android and iOS provide powerful tools and a platform for developing mission-critical applications.

Suppose you are interested in developing mobile applications and learning to code using the Swift programming language. One of Apple’s products for the educational revolution. In that case, this is an excellent course for you. In short, the best programming course to study Coding by fast

And here is the connection to join this course – iOS 13 and Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Instructor Angela Yu is one of the most excellent instructors globally, and you will love her teaching style. She is clear and concise and has taught many students in her Bootcamp classes. The course also earned an average of 4.8 grades from nearly 180,000 students, which is impressive.

  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects

If you want to learn to program using JavaScript, another popular programming language, you can join this best programming course. This course is very comprehensive and covers contemporary JavaScript grammar.

It also includes projects, challenges, final exam, ES6, and a fantastic instructor. Making it an ideal course for beginners just getting start with Javascript and intermediate developers who have work on JavaScript before.

More than 300 thousand students have joined this course. It has an average of 4.6 ratings from about 77 thousand participants. Which is remarkable and speaks volumes about the quality of this course.


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