Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Women considering breast reduction surgery often suffer from physical discomforts due to large or heavy breasts, such as back pain, neck tension, skin rashes, difficulty getting dressed, and unwanted attention.

There are several factors to consider when considering whether to have a breast reduction. Above all, however, the price is in the foreground for us. Giving to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the national median cost of a breast reduction is $5,631.

However, it is important to note that these costs can vary drastically from patient to patient and often do not include other costs related to the surgery. In general, the main costs that count towards your total are surgeon fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, post-op fees, and implant costs.

When you factor in additional costs, including often-overlooked surgeon, anesthesia, and surgery center fees, the cost of a breast reduction surgery can range from $8,900 to $12,000 (if not more).

Ultimately, however, the total cost depends on several factors:

  • Surgeon selection
  • Scope of the procedure
  • Turnkey installation
  • Surgical costs
  • Geographical location

What About Breast Reduction Surgery


If your breast size is causing you discomfort, or if you want smaller breasts for cosmetic reasons, breast reduction surgery may be an option for you.

It’s important to first discuss this procedure with a surgeon. You’ll want to understand the potential benefits set against the side effects associated with this type of surgery and whether it’s right for you.

In preparation for that discussion, here’s some general information on breast reduction surgery, including what you can expect during the procedure, what the recovery is like, potential side effects, and more.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery (also called reduction mammaplasty) is an invasive procedure involving incisions (cuts) in your skin to reduction the size and weight of your breasts. If elected for cosmetic purposes, the surgery may also reduce sagging.

In addition to decreasing your overall breast size, the surgery will lift your nipples and breast mound higher on your chest and typically improve the shape of your breast.

Why do people consider having breast reduction surgery

The decision to undergo breast reduction is based on some factors. While some people elect to have this surgery for cosmetic reasons only, others may want smaller breasts to ease physical discomfort, including:

  • chronic back pain
  • breast pain during exercise and other activities
  • persistent rashes underneath and between your breasts
  • hunched posture
  • problems from bras, such as shoulder dents from bra straps
  • trouble with how certain clothing fits, including shirts and swimsuits

Additionally, a breast reduction may help soothe emotional distress that may occur with large breasts due to possible related physical discomforts you may chronically experience. Such considerations may lead to an overall improved quality of life.

How much does a breast reduction cost?


Typical Breast Reduction Surgery Cost:

  • Breast Reduction Surgery Cost generally costs between $5,000 and $7,000. Its approximation includes an anesthesia fee of $1,000 to $1,500, a facility fee of $500 to $2,000, and the doctor’s fee, which averages $5,500, according to the American The world for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Reducing large breasts, which require additional work to remove skin and reshape the nipple area, can be more cost-effective. Because of this, a doctor’s visit is required to provide an accurate estimate.

What should be included:

  • The surgeon makes scratches in the breast, usually around the areola and under the breast, and then removes extra fat and tissue to reduce the breast to the desired size. The weight of large breasts often gives the areola; doctors usually shrink the areola, then remove excess skin and lift the breast to make it larger and firmer. To maintain nipple sensation and the skill to breastfeed, the surgeon usually leaves the nipple close during surgery.
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery describes and diagrams breast reduction techniques.

Additional costs:

  • Post-op support bras typically cost about $100 each, and a hot/cold breast pack for about $25. Doctors also prescribe painkillers that may be covered by insurance.
  • Additional surgery is sometimes required, either because of complications or because the patient is unsatisfied with the results. It can cost as much or more than the original process.

Shopping for breast reduction:

  • Tip: Since breast reduction is not always considered a cosmetic operation and can improve health problems such as back pain and carriage problems, health insurance often covers the costs. Check with your insurance company and specialist, who may need to write a letter stating the cut is medically necessary.
  • Tip Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon through extensive breast surgery experience. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers a free referral service. When you meet with your surgeon, discourse the benefits and risks, including infection, numbness or change in sensation in the nipple, and even poor blood flow to the nipple that necessitates nipple removal. Smokers are at higher risk of nipple loss and should quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Risks To Be Aware Of?

As with any major surgery, a breast reduction may pose the risk of infection, scarring, and bleeding. There are also possible anesthesia side effects, such as nausea, dry mouth, or a sore throat.

Other risks and side effects that may be specific to this type of surgery include the following:

  • numbness in your nipples
  • puckered-looking scars
  • internal scars that create a bumpy texture
  • your incisions opening, especially at the bottom
  • your stitches come out instead of dissolving
  • asymmetry between your breasts
  • nipple shape changes
  • difficulty with breastfeeding
  • In rare cases, your nipple and areola may not have enough blood flow to survive, called nipple necrosisTrusted Source.

Also, talk with a surgeon if you plan on any future pregnancies, as this may mark the shape and size of your breasts after having surgery. For some people, doctors may advise waiting until you’re finished having children.

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