1. Whole Fruits

Healthy and Nutritious Snack – Fruit as a snack is a good idea since fresh fruit is essentially made up of water and therefore low in calories. Rich in sugar and low in lipids and proteins, you can easily combine them with yoghurt or a few nuts or hazelnuts.

Here are the five fruits that you can eat at the 10 am or 4 pm break to regain the energy you lack:

Apple: low in calories, it contains pectin, a fibre known to help intestinal transit. Apple is also rich in flavonoids and antioxidants believed to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Bananas: rich in potassium, bananas help regulate blood pressure, protect the body from cardiovascular accidents and limit the formation of kidney stones.

Orange: it promotes the immune system’s proper functioning and allows blood-thinning while fighting against constipation. Orange is too rich in vitamins C, B1, and calcium.

Kiwifruit: very rich in vitamins C and antioxidants, which prevent cell ageing and certain types of cancer. Kiwifruit also contains an impressive amount of fibre which promotes intestinal transit.

Apricot: apricot is a source of fibre that prevents cardiovascular diseases and controls type 2 diabetes and appetite. In addition to its high fibre content, apricot also contains iron and vitamin C.

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2. Cereal Bars

Many of us stall our cravings with cereal bars. Although, a good reflex, you still have to choose them well! For that, one piece of advice: read the composition of your favourite bar.

A cereal bar must first contain many cereal bowls (corn, oats, wheat, etc.). In short, not to be confused with a chocolate bar!

And they are usually accompanied by dried fruit or chocolate chips and a thin layer of sugar or honey.

Good to know, the energy intake of a cereal bar is generally 80 calories or only 4% of the recommended daily allowance. And to understand why it should not be confused, they bring you 130 to 250 calories depending on their composition (7 to 13% of the recommended daily allowance).

Be careful, and the cereal bar provides you with the desired energy and a lot of sugar. Only one solution to reduce this contribution is to make your bar yourself!

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3. Yoghurts & Cereals

But why is yoghurt a good idea for your snack?

Besides that, yoghurt is good for the figure. It will also help you digest it. Indeed, the lactic bacteria present in yoghurts are beneficial for the intestines because they promote the digestion of lactose!

Therefore, low in calories but rich in calcium and probiotics, yoghurt has everything to please our body. However, be careful on the supermarket shelves, read the label carefully, and avoid names such as “dairy specialities” and “Greek yoghurt” because they mix with cream and sugar!

Also, dare to mix this yoghurt with cereals. This addition of grains (wheat, corn, barley, or oats) will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates. You should know that these carbohydrates are an essential energy source: 4 calories per gram consumed!

Be careful though, the cereals offered in stores are often significantly modified, too sweet, and have many additives. It is, therefore, crucial to choose them well by turning to organic stores.

4. Dairy or Vegetable Drinks

Dairy or Vegetable Drinks

For a bit of gourmet break, also think about dairy and vegetable drinks! It should note immediately that the terminology is incorrect but still widely used. Milk is a liquid obtained from animals (cow, goat, donkey, etc.), while vegetable milk is not since it produces by mixing powder of crushed seeds with water (Almond, coconut, soy, oats, etc.).

What should you drink first?

Researchers at a Canadian university have shown that coconut milk is rich in saturated fatty acids, often associated with cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, almond and soy milk have little but are very low in calcium (4 times less than cow’s milk). It should also note that soy milk has a good protein content. In short, dairy or vegetable drinks, the choice is yours because they each have their advantages and disadvantages, but all of them will allow you to wait for lunch or dinner without feeling too hungry.

5. Mixtures of Nuts and Dried Fruits

We’re not working to lie to each other. Nuts are our favourite “snack” ally! Why? Quite simply because they are rich in magnesium, vitamins E and B, iron, calcium, minerals, and trace elements!

Yes, thanks to its high fibre content, walnuts also allow you to feel an effect of satiety quickly! But, of course, it is also rich in lipids, but rest assured, it will not make you fat if you consume it in reasonable quantities, that is to say, a handful per day.

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