1. Microtrends Personalised Pearls

Personalised Pearls – With the introduction of new microtrends almost daily on the likes of TikTok and Gen Zers moving through phases faster than those in the generations above can say ‘Y2K,’ those in the fashion industry are predicting the 20-year trend cycle could soon be no more. Though the thought is initially daunting, the accelerated rate of fashion moves. Alongside the rise in popularity of vintage and recycled clothing, it has prompted forecasters to predict soon people could be forgoing strict trend cycles altogether, opting instead to embrace personal style more than ever.

We’re already seeing a rise against the uniform dressing we once saw on Instagram, with influencers and fashionable people on the streets opting instead to make their outfits unique and different through personalisation, such as monogrammed clothing and the creation of bespoke pieces. Gone are the days when having the ‘It’ shoe of the moment is necessary—now, everyone wants to have something no one else has. This bespoke movement isn’t limited just to clothing, either. Recently, there’s been a rise in personalised handbags, shoes and jewellery, too.

2. Paspaley Personalised Pearls

Australia’s own Paspaley was well ahead of the curve. In 2013, the iconic family-owned jewellery brand launched its Lavalier collection, personalisable one-of-a-kind designs of a Paspaley pearl encased in a chic and delicate gold mesh net. The exhibition creates to reflect the nautical ropes and traps used to harvest the wild pearl oysters after divers hand-collect them from the wild and the glass buoys used to hold them in a centuries-old tradition. The sleek, wearable design has meant the range has since become the brand’s signature and best-selling. Something indeed helped by the fact. That each part of the pieces in the Lavalier collection are personalisable and customisable to the wearer.

3. Lavalier Collection Personalised Pearls

The Lavalier collection tells a story, too. The range celebrates the birthplace of Paspaley pearls: WA’s remote Kimberley region. Where Paspaley has positioned itself at the forefront of the pearling industry due to its innovative techniques, which have been widely acknowledged as the world’s best practice. There, Paspaley is one of the few companies to still dive for wild pearl oysters. And is now the source of the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world.

  1. Everything down to the exact colour, shape and weight of the pearl to the length. And makeup of the chain can remain changed to fit your tastes. Whether it’s rose, yellow or white gold you’re after, or something studded with gems ranging from tiny cabochon opals. And intense rubies to ever-stunning black diamonds. There’s even a Lavalier with diamond droplets and another with chandelier tassels in gold and diamonds for a special occasion. What makes Lavalier even more remarkable. It is the mesh encasing allows the pearls to remain set without drilling, just as they emerged from the oyster.

Whether you need to wear it alone as a statement piece or layer it with other gold chains for a more everyday look. The versatility of Paspaley designs enables women to personalise their works for any occasion. Timeless, elegant and ridiculously chic.