After undergoing various skincare procedures like radiofrequency, fractional CO2 laser, microneedling radiofrequency, fractional radiofrequency, or resurfacing chemical peels, it’s crucial to provide your skin with the care it needs for optimal recovery. Enter the dynamic duo: Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel and Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme. These EGF-based products are your skin’s perfect companions post-procedure, working together to calm your skin, prevent irritation and redness, and maintain your skin barrier.

Choosing the Right Peptide Therapy Product

– For Oily/Acne-Prone Skin: Opt for the Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel.

– For Normal to Dry Skin: Embrace the Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme.

The Star Ingredient: Oligopeptide-1

The Peptide Gel is an EGF serum containing oligopeptide-1 for concentrated peptide benefits. On the other hand, Peptide Creme combines Oligopeptide-1 with hydrating Hyaluronic acid and barrier-repairing plant actives. These ingredients work harmoniously to quicken post-procedure skin surface healing, reduce dryness and pigmentation, provide intense hydration, recover skin from sunburn and photodamage, and offer a skin-firming and lifting effect.

Texture and Composition

The Peptide Gel boasts a transparent gel texture, while the Peptide Creme has a spongy creme texture. The Peptide Creme is a blend of 1 High-performance skin renewer (Oligopeptide-1), 1 Ultimate skin replenisher (Hyaluronic acid), and 3 Barrier repair specialists (Kalahari melon seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, and plant Squalane) to maintain skin barrier integrity and delay photoaging.

Post-In-Clinic Procedures

Using Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel or Creme after in-clinic procedures like lasers or chemical peels aids faster skin recovery with better results. These products can be used twice to thrice daily for one week post-procedure, followed by once to twice daily for up to 3 months if needed.

DIY Home Peel and Anti-aging

Use Peptide Therapy face serum after a Light Routine® or Milk Route® DIY home peel for enhanced results after each session. For antiaging purposes, incorporate this EGF serum once to twice daily for up to 3 months, followed by a month or two break. During the break, maintain results with Re(d)covery® tranexamic acid serum or a retinol night cream.

In conclusion, the Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel and Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme are powerhouse serums designed to elevate your skincare routine, especially after in-clinic procedures. Tailored for different skin types and concerns, these serums are your go-to solution for achieving post-laser radiance and promoting skin health and rejuvenation.