8 fashion categories

When most people think about women’s fashion, they only consider popular styles from the last few decades. However, there are actually many different fashion categories that have been around for centuries.

In this blog post, we will take a look at eight popular female fashion categories: Bohemian, Chic, Exotic, Sexy, Traditional, Preppy, Punk, and Rocker. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at each of them below…


The bohemian style is characterized by a carefree and laid-back aesthetic. This style is often associated with artists and hippies. When thinking of this style, it typically includes loose-fitting clothing made from natural materials like linen and cotton. Earth tones are also popular in the bohemian style.


Chic style is all about looking stylish and put together. This style is often associated with fashionable people who live in cities. Common features of the chic style include well-tailored clothing made such as long sleeve dresses from high-quality materials like silk and wool. Black and white are popular colors in chic fashion.


Next on the list is exotic, with this style all about looking unique and different from everyone else. While many like to wear clothing that fits this category, it is often thought of as a style that is worn by those that are well-traveled or hold an interest in other cultures. Exotic fashion includes colorful clothing made from materials like cotton and linen. Prints and patterns are also popular in exotic styles of dress.


This is a style that many look to try and conform to, as we all want to look as elegant as possible, while also looking attractive and showing off our bodies; the red carpet could perhaps remain considered a great example of this. Sexy fashion includes tight-fitting clothing made from materials like Lycra and polyester. Many of the garments that are available in this category typically feature bright colors and bold prints, with each of these being very popular.


The traditional style is all about looking classic and timeless. Perhaps more conservative than any of the other styles on this list, it is typically one that many of an older generation will perhaps look to try and fit. As such, common features of traditional fashion include well-tailored clothing made from high-quality materials like wool and silk. Solid colors are popular in traditional styles of dress.


One of the eight styles that has proven to be popular in recent times is the preppy style, which is all about looking polished and put together. Typical traits of this style include items such as well-tailored clothing made from high-quality materials like wool and cotton. Pastel colors are also popular in preppy styles of dress.


With the punk style on the rise once again, there are many around the world that are trying to find a way of dressing that is all about looking unique and individualistic. Naturally, those that have personalities that suggest that they are rebels or nonconformists will typically find that they wear this style of clothing, which will typically consist of things such as ripped jeans, leather jackets, chains, and studded belts. If you were looking for colors that remain typically used, then black, red, and purple are popular choices.


The final of the eight types of fashion that can remain followed presently is the rocker style. This is all about looking tough and edgy, such as those that love to follow hard and heavy music. Tight-fitting clothing made from leather or denim, band t-shirts, and Doc Martens boots can typically remain considered rocker fashion, while colors such as black, red, and silver are popular, too.


As you can see, there are numerous different fashion categories and styles that you can look to utilize and wear. Therefore, it is certainly worth considering having a think about your next outfit when trying to come up with something new to wear!