Why Study Cosmetology and Makeup Career

The Cosmetology and Makeup career is of short duration and provides practical and theoretical knowledge to deal with the beauty and health of the skin. The techniques for the proper care and treatment of the image of people will learn. Graduates can work together with other health professionals. In aesthetic centers or independently.

What does the Cosmetology and Makeup Career Consist of?

In the image care and treatment activity, Cosmetology and Makeup are the most relevant specialties within the profession.

Moreover, the purpose of this profession is to train students on the principles of human physiology and anatomy, the study of skin, and the methods for the care and application of different personalized treatments for each type of skin. To achieve this goal, theoretical and practical subjects are taught that train the student on the materials and products used in the various procedures and the necessary techniques to develop in the general field of cosmetology.

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Therefore, the different course options you found to address this study are courses. Short or technical careers in universities with official degrees, and specializations that can last from months to 3 years.

A cosmetologist  trained to perform the following activities:

  • Therefore, analyze, experiment, and develop cosmetic products
  • Cosmetic advice in various health centers
  • Perform functions that improve the appearance of the skin
  • Execute skin hygiene procedures with cosmetic products, chemicals, and equipment
  • Perform operations related to manicure, pedicure, and waxing
  • Work in the field of education

Within the discipline of Cosmetology, various specific branches linked to aesthetics can differentiate in which the student can specialize according to their preferences:

  • Facial and comprehensive aesthetics: refers to care and treatments that improve the appearance of the face and the rest of the body
  • Body aesthetics: they are specialized massage treatments to maintain the elasticity of the skin
  • Apparatus: use of electronic devices to intervene on the skin. Such as physiotherapy, cavitation, phototherapy and mesotherapy
  • Cometary: is the discipline that is responsible for the aesthetic care of healthy and diseased skin
  • Makeup: through different techniques and products, people intervened to achieve various objectives

Makeup is one of the specialties that have autonomy within the branch of Aesthetics. You can find certified courses of various durations within the offers, one year being generally the longest.

In the makeup course, you learn the different techniques and styles to address the needs of each situation and person. Through Makeup, it is possible to know the various facial shapes and structures and the characteristics of each skin. Professionals must have full knowledge of the products and work instruments since there is a great variety and these are essential to carry out any task related to the activity.

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secondly, as part of the topics covered in the course to study issues related to the correction, care, and preparation of the skin; and various types of anatomical faces; Color theory; light/dark technique; volumes, expressions, and shades; hairpiece application; bases and corrections; describe; lipstick application; Makeup materials and products: different uses and functions.

There is a varied suggestion of courses and specializations in which the graduate can dedicate himself according to his interests:

  • Firstly, artistic Makeup and FX is one of the most creative branches where techniques learn to produce artistic transformations, special effects and create characters through different materials.
  • Children’s Makeup: methods seen to create characterizations of fantasy characters and animals, masks, and special effects
  • Social Makeup: It focuses on learning special techniques for social events such as wedding parties and birthdays etc.
  • Fashion Makeup: it is Makeup oriented to the field of advertising and fashion, where procedures aimed at parades, graphic and editorial publications, photographic works see study cosmetology and Makeup

Cosmetology and Makeup Career Student Profile

The student of this discipline has a particular interest in aesthetics and skincare and enjoys helping other people with their appearance. If you are interested in this profession.  Indeed you feel identified with the following characteristics:

  • A preference for the general culture of beauty and aesthetics
  • creative personality
  • Being able to learn and update throughout your career
  • Have understanding when interacting with customers
  • Have good communication skills
  • Willingness to work in a team and ability to develop independently
  • Possess skills with the handling of instruments and products
  • Being an observant person
  • An inclination for notions of anatomy and health
  • have a social character

How will you Work as a Graduate in Cosmetology and Makeup?

therefore, the activities of a graduate in Cosmetology are as varied as the environments in which they can develop. The professional will have the ability to:

  • However, solve problems of the discipline thanks to the knowledge of the technologies and methodologies developed in the area
  • Practice in prevention and patient education
  • Firstly, work in the research area
  • Understand dermatological pathologies to treat or refer them
  • moreover, assist and collaborate with other health and aesthetic professionals (dermatologists, surgeons, phlebologists, etc.)
  • Advise and collaborate with companies oriented to the elaboration of cosmetic products
  • Perform procedures aimed at cleaning or treating the skin
  • and also, execute various massage techniques

They will be able to bring out their functions independently or in a separately relationship in various fields such as theater cinema television parades graphic advertisements and social events.

However, cosmetology and Makeup professionals can carry out their activities, manage and market their aesthetic services in private practices, beauty salons and institutes, hairdressers, medical centers, spa centers, and independently.

and also, if you are a creative person interested in aesthetics and fashion. If the care and beauty of the skin are among your priorities and if you like to help people feel good about themselves.

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